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Proton et ASTP : programme d’échange

Les réseaux européens PROTON et ASTP, auxquels le réseau C.U.R.I.E participe activement, annoncent un programme d’échange de personnels pour les TTO, dans le domaine de la santé.

Call for TTO Professional Exchanges Programme in the Healthcare innovation sector The ENTENTE Consortium is delighted to announce you the 1rst call of the Professional Exchanges Programme.

In the framework of the Entente TTO exchanges Programme, European Tech Transfer Officers will have the opportunity to exchange in renowned Tech Transfer Offices or biotechnology industry across Europe. The ENTENTE TTO exchanges are designed to develop the experience and expertise of technology transfer professionals while building stronger professional networks and relationships amongst TTOs themselves, and between TTOs and Industry.

The ENTENTE Professional Exchange has identified 7 fields of expertise which are crucial to Knowledge Transfer in Health : 1. IP management 2. Technology assessment 3. Contract research 4. Spin-off creation 5. Licensing 6. Asset selection 7. Investment analysis

This first call for candidatures is addresed to visitors, TTO managers or TTO intermediate officers, willing to spend 1or 2 weeks for TTO managers, or 4 to 6 weeks for TTO officers, in selected host organizations.

Benefits for the TTO Officers :
- work alongside seasoned TTO, industry or investment counterparts.
- learn by direct experience, but also by cross stakeholder relationship building, in order to develop a clearer understanding of the processes, priorities, overall business culture and approach of their key counterparts.
- build stronger relationships between the seconding TTO and their host organizations, contribution to a greater potential for successful future collaborations, deals, licensing and other forms of technology transfer.

The ENTENTE project will offer to the selected candidatures the reimbursment of their travel costs, plus a per diem for daily allowance.

If your academic institution wants to host future visitors in the healthcare sector, you can also introduce your candidacy as host organization through the ENTENTE website.

Get your candidacy ready by mid April 2013 to be one of the selected candidate (6 exchange opportunities within this call) to benefit from the ENTENTE Professional Exchange Programme. Please, register online for accessing to futher details on the scheme and on the current Hosting organizations, at