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Tech Transfer in Sweden

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Objectifs :

Provide a clear picture of the innovation ecosystem in south Sweden and the role of Lund University tech transfer (LU Innovation, VentureLab and LU Holding) in that context. Lund university being the largest university in Sweden and responsible for the so-called Innovation Office South has the mission to support students and researches to bring their ideas and research results into the society for the benefit of the society. For this purpose, we have a well-developed and functional commercialization and impact process comprising idea scouting, evaluation, establishing IPR (intellectual Property Rights) and business strategies, legal support, financial support, development and verification of the product/service, marketing and licensing, fundraising, creating startups and supporting them to enter the right market. In all phases of this process, our tech transfer office (TTO) has close collaboration with relevant actors within the regional innovation ecosystem such as incubators, business angles, consultants, science parks etc. we are in the process of extending this collaboration to an international level.

The goal is to explain the structure and processes at Smile and maybe inspire some people in the audience, showing what kind of a thriving life science ecosystem Lund is developing into

Programme :

The Process and the Tools for Technology and Knowledge Transfer at Lund University.

The universities role in the innovation ecosystem – an Swedish perspective | Lisa Ericsson

“Smile – A successful incubator in a growing life science ecosystem".

Intervenants :

Maryam Olsson
MSc, PhD, MBA, Senior Business Developer & Head of Internationalization, Lund University

Lisa Ericsson
Head of dep/CEO, KTH Innovation/KTH Holding AB

Sylvie Bove
Smile Incubator

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