Marketing & Communication internship


Date de début : Au plus tôt
Durée : 6 mois
Lieu : Paris
Salaire : 1500


About Us:

Deemea is a digital health company with expertise in AI-driven medical data retrieval, structuring and analysis. Our specialization in imaging data processing has led us to develop and deploy a collaborative platform, aimed at expediting biopharmaceutical and medical device clinical studies. Our innovative proprietary technology powers a multi-modal, multi-centric platform that prioritizes the security, privacy, and sovereignty of medical data, as well as the sustainability of healthcare facilities. Deemea empowers data-driven research, ultimately accelerating patients' access to innovative therapies.

Position Overview:

As a marketing & communication intern, you will seamlessly integrate into our business team, taking on a pivotal role in shaping and executing our marketing strategies under the direct guidance of the CEO. 

This internship presents an exceptional opportunity for you to apply your knowledge and skills in an autonomous and responsible role. Your contributions will play a significant role in enhancing the visibility of our cutting-edge platform, benefiting patients awaiting treatment.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Designing, Producing, and Updating Marketing Collateral:

Taking charge of the conceptualization, production, and regular updates of our marketing materials to ensure they align with our brand identity and effectively communicate our message;

  • Creating Effective Communication Tools:

Crafting compelling communication tools that resonate with our target audience and contribute to enhancing our brand image;

  • Marketing Automation Implementation:

Designing and executing strategic marketing automation scenarios, utilizing methodologies like AIDA, to streamline and enhance our customer engagement processes;

  • Supporting Commercial Proposals and Tender Invitations:

Assisting in the development and drafting of impactful commercial proposals and invitations to tender, ensuring alignment with business objectives;

  • Customer Presentation Creation:

Crafting engaging presentations for customer meetings, showcasing our products or services in a compelling and informative manner;

  • Website Design:

Supporting the design efforts for our website, in particular graphical design, to ensure a modern, user-friendly, and visually appealing online presence;

  • Planning Communication Objectives:
    Collaborating on the definition of clear and measurable sales and marketing communication objectives, ensuring alignment with overall business goals, taking into account target audiences, channels, and key performance indicators;
  • Implementing and Evaluating Communication Objectives:

Implementing the communication objectives (e.g. via regular LinkedIn posts), and evaluating their impact (e.g. using LinkedIn Analytics, Google Analytics, etc.).



  • Currently pursuing a diploma specializing in marketing and communication, complemented by one or two professional or personal experiences within the field.
  • Proficient in operational techniques and tools, including expertise in crafting impactful LinkedIn posts and utilizing analytics. Additionally skilled in the design of eye-catching materials such as onepagers and Kakemonos.
  • Possess a creative mindset, coupled with strong organizational abilities, a rigorous work ethic, and the capability to work autonomously.
  • Fluent in both English and French, ensuring effective communication in diverse contexts.
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